The revenue channel for creators that just hits different.

A DeFi exchange that turns social capital into crypto.

Kapital mints social tokens.

Creators and brands can apply to list a social token on Kapital.

Anyone can trade them.

Social tokens change value as they are bought, sold or traded.

Everyone can earn them.

Take action on boosted content and be paid for flexing your clout.

01. Earn

Earn social tokens for hyping up your favorite creators and brands with likes and reposts in Kapital and shares off-platform.

02. Invest

Invest in the success of creators and brands you believe in. Social tokens gain value when people buy them and decrease when they're sold—just like stocks do.

03. Trade

Exchange social tokens for $KPTL coin or other social tokens on Kapital. You can also off-ramp $KPLT for cash or other cryptocurrencies.

A unique cryptocurrency


The Kapital exchange has its own cryptocurrency, Kapital Coin ($KPTL), which is an altcoin built on a custom blockchain and powers the decentralized exchange. $KPTL can be used within the platform to purchase social tokens and ads and will be on other crypto exchanges at launch.

kapital is a currency not a company.

Rimark Technology Inc., is the creator and custodian of the crypto exchange.

Get guaranteed return on ad spend
  1. Creator or brand buys an ad—causing new social tokens to be minted.

  2. Kapital automatically airdrops those new social tokens to the fans who engage with the ad.

  3. Creator's social token market cap increases by the amount of the ad budget; everyone's portfolio gets a glo up.

Kapital's peer-to-peer ad model shatters industry standards by turning marketing expenses into an investment in a creator's social token market.

Reward the fans that love you!

Users earn social tokens when they engage with promoted content. We call it Boosted Virality.

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The Social Capital Exchange

Rimark is an audience relationship management company that connects creators directly with their fans on platforms they use every day. Our promotion toolbox gives creators the transformative means to build fan loyalty through authentic engagement.

About Rimark

Rimark's mission is to help creators build equity in their audiences by amplifying their voice, culture, and beliefs through the power of technology.

Rimark's Mission

Kapital's Mission

The Kapital mission is to build a global value exchange based on cultural influence and social capital. Kapital exists to level the playing field of traditional investing by creating a means to trade and build value on social capital, an asset class that has not been harnessed before. Kapital strives to create a platform and social community that provides financial value to anyone, whether a new investor, an inspiring creator, or an established brand.